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Male Reformation Specialist


"Obedience, Submission, Discipline, and Courage-

These are the characteristics that make a man."

Samuel Smiles


I am Amazonian Asha, Male Reformation Specialist .

Reforming the Male Species Using an Array of  Methods to  Humiliate, Enslave, Degrade, and Emasculate

Reforming & Controlling Every Aspect of  Your Being,

Making You Submit in Ways Unimaginable. 

Well Versed & Experienced in BDSM ,  I am Always Expanding my Kinky Perversions and Desires. 


It is the Psychological & Erotic Aspects such as Control , Power

Play & Role Reversal, That Excite Me. 

 Ranging from Moods of  Sensual Seduction to Sensual Sadism, Analyzing and Exploiting your Fantasies, Making Them Your Weakness.




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